Eric Bronza's Project for the contest NOVA ART `19

The central place is occupied by baths with the earth - as a symbol of our biological and organic structure, as a symbol of human civilization. Every day, new elements are added to the exposition from the life of mankind: clothes, photographs, garbage, paintings, smells, sounds, and so on.

At this exhibition will look a new way every day. Spectators record viewers


Now a person doesn't have enough resources to operate in the mind with large amounts of information, memory is able to hold in itself only part of the volume. When using cloud storage, a person who has introduced consciousness into a machine has an infinite amount of memory.

Fragments of information owned by a person form his individuality. If the consciousness using the network synchronously owns the fullness of information at once, then the individuality is erased. A single superconsciousness is formed, operating with advanced information, capable of solving tasks that are beyond the power of a disparate human community. And here the birth of God is possible - the creative non-material consciousness residing everywhere and nowhere

from the author
Stages of development of the human
Phrase one. Increased life duration
Introduction to the human body of technical devices for diagnosing diseases at the initial level, identifying pathologies and subsequent surgical treatment
Eric Bronza
Phrase two. The next life form
Expansion of the physical abilities of the human body by gradually replacing the wearing out and imperfect organs with high-tech analogues. Copying the algorithm of the neural connections of the brain and its introduction into the robot. End of biological presence: man passes the evolutionary baton to another, more perfect life form, while he lies down in the earth. Conclusion of the anthropocene period
Phrase three. Posthuman civilization
Formation of a single superconsciousness, which corrects the mistakes of human civilizations, not exploiting other species and the environment, and develops science to the fullest extent possible. The new civilization moves in the direction of the dematerialization of life forms and towards existence outside of time, space, and matter.
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